SOL pass rates for Henry County Schools released

SOL pass rates for Henry County Schools released

August 22, 2018

School division SOL pass rates, based on 2018 Standards of Learning (SOL) test results, were released by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) today.  

HCPS principals and staffs worked collaboratively during the 2017-2018 school year to strengthen measures to improve student achievement, including: providing growth-producing feedback to improve instruction, monitoring individual student progress to help each learner grow, and exploring various ways to measure growth and student performance throughout the year by using performance tasks (also known as cornerstone tasks) to assess student knowledge.

“We are extremely proud of the students in Henry County Public Schools and the teachers who provide them with instruction. They work hard from the day they enter the classroom in August until they leave us in May. Our teachers and administrators set high expectations and hold our students accountable for excellence,” said Lisa Millner, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

One hundred percent of Henry County Public Schools exceeded the state pass rate in English, mathematics, history, and science. “We are very proud of our students and their performance in all content areas,” said Millner, adding, “The Virginia Department of Education has begun to incorporate individual student growth in their assessment measures and that is directly in line with our current practices in Henry County.”

In an effort to continually increase student achievement, HCPS will continue with several strategies that are yielding positive instructional results.  All schools are expected to develop, submit, and monitor their school improvement plan throughout the school year in order to monitor and evaluate school improvement efforts at each school. Data Conferences will take place with all administrators and teachers and members of the division’s Curriculum Team will provide research-based instructional support and professional development for teachers in all content areas.

Instructional Coaches will continue to work with teachers at each elementary school to implement best practices for collaborating across grade levels to improve instruction and assessment practices.  MAP assessment data are also being used across the division to measure student growth and plan for differentiated instruction.  

“In continually reviewing what is best for students and the importance of preparing the whole child for the future, our staff regularly analyzes a wide variety of data. The SOL test is one of many data points of importance that we review as we work with our teachers to support students in growing and succeeding. We know that the benefits of the hard work our teachers and students put forth each day truly is inspiring our learners to positively impact the future,” said Acting Superintendent Mrs. Sandy Strayer.

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