Martinsville Bulletin: County makes improvements to Jack Dalton Park

Martinsville Bulletin: County makes improvements to Jack Dalton Park

May 12, 2017

By Ben R. Williams

COLLINSVILLE - New improvements at Jack Dalton Park have added to the park’s beauty, comfort and safety, according to Henry County Parks and Recreation Director Roger Adams.

The main improvement, Adams said, is the replacement of the asphalt on the park’s walking trail, which sees hundreds of visitors each day.

“We have a couple of capital projects that we do each year in the park, and the Jack Dalton Park walking trail is one of the most heavily used amenities in our parks,” Adams said. “The asphalt on the existing track was probably about 20 years old. Over the years, a lot of tree roots had grown under the asphalt, and some of the sections had sunk. Over 20 years, parts of the track had just disintegrated in a lot of places. We just finished replacing the asphalt … and we removed some of the trees that were causing those problems.”

People use the walking trail 24 hours a day, Adams said, including people using walkers and wheelchairs. The new, smooth asphalt eliminates any tripping hazards.

By popular request, Adams said, Parks and Recreation also added dugouts to the two baseball fields at Jack Dalton Park.

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