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Martinsville Bulletin: Retiring school district workers honored in Henry County

Martinsville Bulletin: Retiring school district workers honored in Henry County

April 11, 2017

By Amie Pickeral

CHATMOSS–They’ve worked in Henry County’s school system for decades, teaching classes, managing budgets and helping solve problems. Several teachers, principals and other staff members were honored Tuesday night as a way of saying thanks as they get ready for retirement.

“You entered a profession dedicated to assisting young people in doing and becoming more than they ever believed possible,” Dr. Cotton told the group at a banquet Tuesday at Chatmoss Country Club. “As you leave the profession, you are taking the struggles and successes of those students with you.”

While the coworkers, many of whom have worked with the school system for multiple decades, will soon go their separate ways, Dr. Jared Cotton, division superintendent, thanked the staff and faculty members for their years of dedication to education.

 “On behalf of the staff and students of Henry County Public Schools, thank you for laying the foundation for the future of our community,” Dr. Cotton said. “Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children.”

While they might be leaving the vocation, the superintendent assured the professionals that their legacies would still be prominent features in the lives of the students they impacted over the years.

“The memories you have will serve as lasting reminders that you have made a difference in the lives of so many in our community,” Dr. Cotton said. “We are honored tonight to recognize your dedicated service to the children of Henry County and to celebrate the memories that you have created.”

Together, the 41 dedicated HCPS employees put forth a combined total of 1,179 years of service to the school system.

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