ANCHOR Commission receives Harvest grant

ANCHOR Commission receives Harvest grant
Karen Garrett (left), chair of ANCHOR Commission Board of Directors, is pictured with Ricky Walker, director of operations at ANCHOR.

January 9, 2017

The ANCHOR (A New Chance Organization) Commission received a $10,000 Pick Up the Pace! (PUP!) grant from the Harvest Foundation to implement a new and innovative, evidence-based outpatient program for youth dealing with substance abuse.

The program, called “The Seven Challenges” kicked off Thursday, Jan. 5 with an announcement at New College Institute. The counseling program, specifically developed for adolescents, addresses substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues, and meets adolescents “where they are” regarding their substance abuse.

Seven Challenges considers that when young people come into drug counseling, they are usually in the early stages of change – unprepared and often resistant to making a sincere decision to quit, according to Kevin Ratcliff, ANCHOR counselor and Seven Challenges leader. The program helps participants find their own motivation for change, make informed decisions, develop effective coping skills for life changes and succeeds in implementing the changes they desire.

“The ANCHOR Commission would like to thank The Harvest Foundation for the Pick Up the Pace (PUP) grant award that we are using to cover some of the startup costs of The Seven Challenges comprehensive counseling drug treatment model for the Martinsville, Henry County area,” said Ricky Walker, director of operations at ANCHOR Commission. “This drug treatment model is aimed specifically at adolescents and young adults, reaching them where they are at with their substance use/abuse and works by addressing drug abuse issues as well as co-occurring mental health issues. It will be the first of its kind in the area, and we are very excited to be offering, with the help of the Harvest Foundation, this very promising, evidence based, treatment program.”

Through partnerships with local agencies and organizations, ANCHOR facilitators expect this program to assist in reducing juvenile substance use and recidivism, co-occurring mental health problems, and juvenile detention rates for substance-related violations.

“We are proud to partner with the Anchor Commission as they launch the Seven Challenges counseling program for youth,” said Sheryl Agee, impact officer and team leader at Harvest Foundation. “As our community and country continue to struggle with substance abuse and mental health challenges, ANCHOR has considered the correlation of the two in connection to adolescent involvement in the juvenile court system to develop a solution to better serve and assist the youth in Martinsville and Henry County who struggle with these issues.”

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