Funding Priorities & Focus Area

Prioridades de Financiación y Áreas de Enfoque en español

Harvest is strategically focused on economic development to improve our community's health, educational opportunity and quality of life.

Our three programmatic goals are:

1. Workforce
2. Investment
3. Advocacy


To encourage economic growth in MHC and to meet the workforce needs of area businesses, the Harvest Foundation will support programs and initiatives that increase the number of individuals with the skills, resources and qualifications to enter the MHC workforce.


  • Provide support to programs increasing the number of individuals with degrees, diplomas and certifications
  • Support industry-specific training programs
  • Provide support to programs readying individuals to reenter the workforce after an extended leave
  • Provide support to improve early learning environments



To spur economic growth in MHC, the Harvest Foundation will support programs and initiatives that lead to increased investment into MHC resulting in an increase in the overall MHC tax base.


  • Support industry recruitment programs geared toward increased investment in MHC
  • Support small business growth and development through micro lending, entrepreneurial training and other programs/services



The Harvest Foundation will advocate for collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions that increase leveraged investment in MHC for community projects and programs that support economic development


  • Support MHC organizations to secure funding for physical/streetscape improvement projects that enhance our community’s appeal and attractiveness to investors and businesses.
  • Advocate for federal, state, county, city and industry resources to support these community projects and programs.


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