"We want to make sure our process is user-friendly for nonprofits, and asks for information in a way that helps us make the most informed decisions for our community. "
- Sheryl Agee, Impact Officer/Team Leader - Harvest Foundation


****Due to the Harvest Foundation's transition to a new grants management system, access to our online grant application system is temporarily unavailable. If you would like to complete a Needs Statement for the General Responsive funding cycle or a Pick Up the Pace! grant application, please contact our Grants Administrator, India Brown by phone (276) 632-3329 ext.12 or email ibrown@theharvestfoundation.org.****


The Harvest Foundation has a two-step grants application process. 

Before beginning the application process, organizations are encouraged to first review the Harvest Foundation's funding priorities and guidelines.

Application Process

Step One

A Needs Statement must be submitted detailing the identified community need the project will address. To be eligible for the Fall grants cycle, the Needs Statement must be submitted by June 1. 

Click here to submit a Needs Statement.

Click here to view the Needs Statement Toolkit.

Step Two

If the Needs Statement shows alignment with Harvest Foundation goals and strategies, and makes a compelling case for local need and outcomes, the applicant will be invited to complete a full project proposal. The full proposal application will detail:

  • the proposed project
  • evaluation plan
  • partnerships and collaboration
  • financials
  • organizaional infrastructure and
  • capacity.

It makes the case of why it is the best plan to address the need, and why the organization has the ability and capacity to execute the plan. 

Review and Approval Process

Once a project application is submitted, a three-stage review process begins: 

  1. Due Diligence Process by Program Staff with strong proposals recommended to the Grant Committee (subset of the Harvest Board of Directors) for review.
  2. Review by Grant Committee with strong proposals recommended to the Baord of Directors for approval.
  3. Review by the Harvest Board of Directors with the final decision on funding a project application. 

To qualify for the Fall grants board meeting, Need Statements must be submitted June 1.
 The Harvest Foundation Staff commits to keeping applicants continually informed throughout the Grant Application Process.


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